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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Brief History of C++

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C++ - pronounced “See Plus Plus” - is a powerful computer programming language. It was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Laboratories in 1985. It is an enhancement to the popular C Language. It fully supports the latest programming technique Object Oriented Programming – OOP.

Brief History of C++

1. During 1960s, many programming languages were developed.
2. In 1963, a language called CPL – Combined Programming Language was developed. It was better to meet the requirements of the market at that time, but very difficult to learn.
short history of c++ Picture of Bjarne stroustrup developer of C++
3. In 1967, Martin Richards Developed a new, simplified and modern language called BCPL – Basic Combined Programming Language. BCPL was simplification of CPL.
4. In 1970, Ken Thompson developed B language. 
5. In 1972, Dennis Ritchie developed C language.
6. In 1978 Brian Kernighan and Dennis Ritchie published a book – The C Programming Language. The earlier version of C was known as K & R (Kernighan and Ritchie) C.
7. In 1989 ANSI – The American National Standards Institute produced a newer standardized version of C language called ANSI C. ANSI C introduced new features that were not present in traditional C that is K & R C.
8. In early 1980s, Bjarne Stroustrup at Bell Laboratories started the work to develop C++.
9. In 1985, the first commercial version of C++ was released.
10. In 1990 ANSI Committee started the work on standardization of C++.
11. In 1998 ANSI / ISO C++ standard was approved. ANSI /ISO C++ standards are used by most of the C++ compilers available today. C++ is a superset of C language: that is it incorporates all the operators, functions, statements and syntax of the ordinary C, but adds additional features. C++ enabled the programmers to improve the quality of code. The main reason for these additional features is to support Object Oriented Programming. In addition there are many other new features, too. Today, C++ is widely used to develop Application software as well as system software. There are several versions of the C++ language. The main versions of C++ include Turbo C++,  Borland C++, Code Warrior–Mac and above all Microsoft Visual C++. 

Object Oriented Programming:

OOP is a programming technique in which programs are written on the basis of OBJECTS. Object oriented programs are easier to write, debug and maintain. OOP becomes increasingly helpful, as the programs grow larger. OOP has the greatest potential for simplifying program conceptualization, coding, debugging and maintenance, when we have to develop an application with hundreds of functions. 

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