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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Features of C++ Programming Language

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Let us discuss important features of C++ Programming Language, in detail. C++ is a powerful and general purpose programming language. It can be used to create not only numerous application programs, but also suitable for system programming. By the passage of time, C++ has become very popular and now it is the preferred programming language to develop professional applications on all plate forms. Following are some important features of C++ programming language:

1. Easy To Learn

C++ is very easy to understand and learn. It uses English like statements that are easy to remember and use. Due to this property of C++, now a days, it is the part of Computer Classes at Bachelor and Master level. C++ is taught to students as Introduction To Programming.
Features of C++ Programming Language

2. Case Sensitive

C++ is case sensitive, it means that it will differentiate between lower case and upper case words. A variable Marks will be considered different from marks, due to lower and upper case. All keywords are written in lower case.

3. Hardware Control

It is used to write programs to control hardware components of computer. It provides the convenience of a high level programming language such as BASIC, COBOL or Pascal, but at the same time allows much closer control of a computer's hardware. C++ is used for system programming.

4. A Small But Powerful language

C++ is a small language with a small number of keywords and programming constructs. But still it is very powerful to develop application as well as system software.

5. Machine Independent

C++ supports machine Independence. It means that a C++ program written on a computer can be run on different computers

6. Faster Code

The latest C++ compilers can generate amazingly faster code. This code is so efficient that its execution speed can be compared with the Assembly language code for the same task.

7. Well-Structured language

Syntax of C++ makes it easy to write programs through modular programming(dividing larger program into smaller and more easily manageable modules. Therefore C++ programs are  easy to understand and maintain.

8. C++ is a superset of C

C++ is a super set to C language. It uses all syntax of C and adds more new features. Major addition is the features that support Object oriented programming.

9. Compatibility With C

As you know C++ is an extension to C language. So it is backward compatible with C. It supports all C language syntax and features. So any C statements can be included in a C++ program.

10. Object Oriented Programming

Important features of C++ Programming language

C++ is an Object oriented language. It supports programming on the basis of objects. An object is a collection of data and related functions. Object may represent a person, thing or place in real world.
OOP is a programming technique in which programs are written on the basis of OBJECTS. Object oriented programs are easier to write, debug and maintain. OOP becomes increasingly helpful, as the programs grow larger. OOP has the greatest potential for simplifying program conceptualization, coding, debugging and maintenance, when we have to develop an application with hundreds of functions. 

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