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Monday, July 11, 2011

What is a Computer Program

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A computer program is a set of instructions given to computer to perform a specific task. For example,  a program to calculate employees pay, a program to calculate factorial of a number or a program to display multiplication table of a given number. Programs consist of instructions to tell the computer how to process given data and get information. Computer programs are used to perform different tasks on computer, easily and quickly. The following pictures shows a program written in C++ programming language:
What is a Program in Computer Programming

 This C++ program is used
 to show Hello C++ Programming!
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void main()
  cout<<"Hello C++ Programming!";
The above program consists of different instruction in C++ programming language. The main purpose of this little program is to display a message on monitor screen ' Hello C++ Programming!'. So when this program is compiled and executed, the following output will be displayed on computer screen:

Output of First Program in C++ Hello C++ Programming

What is Computer Programming?

Computer programming is the process of developing computer programs. Computer programs are a medium to instruct the computer. They tell the computer what to do.

Define a Computer Programmer:

  A Computer programmer is a person who develops computer programs. Commonly, a computer programmer has a bachelor or master level degree in Computer Science.

What is a programming Language?

A programming language is a set of words, symbols and rules to write computer programs.  There are many programming languages like BASIC, COBOL, Pascal, Java, Visual Basic, C language and C++ etc.
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