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Friday, November 4, 2011

Program Average Algorithm and Flowchart

Q: Write a program to input three numbers, and calculate and show their average

Algorithm: Average

Calculates average of three numbers.

1. Start
2. Include iostream.h [Note: this step is only for C++].
3. Declare 5 float variables n1,n2,n3, total and avergae.
4. Display a message (prompt) on screen "Enter First Number:"
5. Input n1.
6. Display a message (prompt) on screen "Enter Second Number:"
7. Input n2.
7. Display a message (prompt) on screen "Enter Third Number:"
8. Input n3.
9. Calculate total= n1 + n2 + n3
10. Calculate average = total / 3
11. Show a message "Average=" and value stored in average variable.
12. Stop

Program Source Code


int main()


float n1,n2,n3,total,average;

cout << "Enter First Number:";


cout<<"Enter Second Number:";


cout<<"Enter Third Number:";





return 0;