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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How To Start Computer Programming

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Computer programming can be started by learning a high level computer programming language like C or C++. Since C++ is the latest and extended version of C, so in this blog: Easy Cpp Programming  we will start learning Computer Programming through C++ . We have already discussed some basic programming concepts like What is a Computer Program, Programming Languages and Computer Programmer. Before we start, here are some basic concepts that are useful in better programming approach.  First of all, we will learn The Program Development Process. Later, some problem solving techniques like ALGORITHM and FLOWCHARTS will be discussed. Lets start with Program Development Process.  
How to start Computer Programming - Program development process

Program Development Process

A programmer must go through a set of organized stages to develop a good program. These stages of program development process are discussed below:
1.    Defining and Analyzing the Problem
2.    Designing the Algorithm
3.    Coding                                                                                   k
4.    Testing and Debugging
5.    Documentation

1. Defining and Analyzing the Problem

In this step, a programmer studies the problem. He decides the best way to solve this problem. He selects the programming language. He finds desired inputs and outputs and processing details.

2. Designing the Algorithm

The programmer designs an algorithm for the program. Algorithm is a step by step procedure to solve a problem. It simplifies writing of program. He may convert this algorithm into a flowchart. Flowchart is the pictorial representation of an algorithm.

3. Coding  (Writing the Program)

The next step is coding. Here Programmer writes the program in a high-level language. He selects suitable program instructions from the chosen programming language to perform the requires tasks.

4. Testing and Debugging

The process of checking correctness of a program by executing the program with sample data is called Testing.  In testing, the program is executed to check whether it is according to our requirements or not.  If the output is not according to our requirements then we find faults correct them. Debugging is a process of finding and correcting the errors in a program.

5.  Documentation

When the program is finalized, its documentation is prepared. Documentation guides the user so that he may use the program efficiently. It helps the user to execute the program and perform different tasks.
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