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Friday, November 4, 2011

Program Temperature Conversion Algorithm Flowchart

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Q: Write a C++ program To Convert Fahrenheit Temperature into Centigrade

Today, we will discuss a Program Temperature Conversion Algorithm Flowchart. This is a Three in One package for new C++ programmers for learning How To Program in C++. Let us see the algorithm first:

Algorithm: Temperature Conversion

This algorithm inputs a temperature in Fahrenheit and converts into centigrade.

1. Start
2. Input Temperature in Fahrenheit in F variable.
3. Calculate Centigrade C = (F-32) x 5.0 / 9.0   
4. Show temperature in centigrade
5. Stop

Picture of Temperature Conversion C++ Program With Sample Run Output

Image: Program Temperature Conversion Algorithm Flowchart

Program Temperature Conversion Algorithm Flowchart (Program code)

Flowchart of C++ Temperature Conversion Program

Image: ( Flow chart )Program Temperature Conversion Algorithm Flowchart

( Flow chart ) Program Temperature Conversion Algorithm Flowchart

C++ Source code Program Temperature Conversion

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// include iostream.h header file


// start of main function

int main()

{       // start of main function body
        // declare 2 float variables c and f

float c,f;

//show message to user to enter temperature in F
cout<< "Enter Temperature in F:";

//input temperature in F

//calculate temperature in centi grade

//show answer in centigrade
cout<<"Temperature in centigrade="<<c;

// return 0 - successful execution

return 0;
}     // end of main function body

So, beginners in C++ Programming, we have discussed how to design an algorithm, flow chart and write actual program code. Dear learners of C++, this is the end of this C++ tutorial on Program Temperature Conversion Algorithm Flowchart.

Simple Temperature Conversion program without comments C++ on Easyway C++

 //Turbo C++ 3.0 IDE Easyway C++ Programs
void main()

float c,f;

cout<< "Enter Temperature in F:";



cout<<"Temperature in centigrade="<<c;


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